Over three weeks I got to see six different countries and travel to nine different cities. At that time, I got to compare each one and ultimately decide what city was my favorite. Naturally, my favorite was not what I thought it would be before the beginning of my trip.  My favorite city was Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, where we spent the majority of our time. Zagreb is known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and, interestingly enough, its obscure museums. On our trip, we went on a city walking tour, which gave us insight into the rich history and fun facts about Zagreb. Historically Zagreb was located on two hills with a river dividing the two settlements. There were heavy tensions between the two settlements so the bridge that connected the two over the river became known as the “Bloody River”. The river is no longer here but this area is now one of Zagreb’s most famous streets. Arguably one of the most famous landmarks is Jelačić Square, which is located in the center of Zagreb and named after Ban Josip Jelačić, who ironically enough was from Austria. On our trip, we were very fortunate enough to be staying right in the square. While we were there a couple of significant events were held in the square, which really gave us a look into Croatian culture. Another thing that made Zagreb my favorite city to visit was that it felt extremely safe, and everyone was super welcoming. In restaurants, we always had big groups, and everyone was always willing to accommodate us (even if it was super inconvenient).

Pictured: Our group on a walking city tour of Zagreb