It’s hard to believe that my trip to South Africa is almost at its close. After nearly a month of studying, going out on various excursions, and meeting new people, my journey ends tomorrow when I board my plane back to the United States. I’ve had a great time and leaving South Africa is going to be a bittersweet moment for me. Although I have an internship, an LSAT, and family waiting for me back home, South Africa will likely be the highlight of my summer. Many UA students I have talked to during my time at the University have told me that the single most impactful thing they have done is study abroad. I can now see why that is the case. The unique combination of new experiences, classes that suit a person’s interests, and the chance to do things you can’t do back home make studying abroad an adventure that all students should at least consider. Yesterday, we finally scaled Table Mountain, the peak that towers over Cape Town. Tonight, I’m looking forward to the farewell dinner where we’ll say goodbye to all of our South African companions. During my last 24 or so hours, I will make sure to savor every moment I have here. After all, I do not know when I will next be here. Regardless, I could not be happier with the amazing time I’ve had over the past month. Although the journey is coming to an end, the memories I made during my trip will stay with me for as long as I live.