I’m currently in Spain and experiencing a culture shock. As someone from a small town in rural Alabama, traveling to various cities in such a short amount of time is unlike any other traveling experience I’ve ever had. Sightseeing and walking have been very enjoyable thus far, but navigating the metro for the first time with dead phones was a liberating experience, to say the least. Being abroad for the first time I was scared to travel at all however, the faculty has taken excellent care of us and ensured that we have the best possible experience.

I’ve also had to adjust to the cuisine, which has been interesting. It turns out that I’m pickier with food than I thought, even though I considered myself an adventurous eater. The food is different, and the lack of iced coffee is odd, but I’m enjoying the adventure. The sights are stunning, and I’m excited about the upcoming Sagrada Familia tour in Barcelona.

I’m still adjusting to the fact that studying abroad means doing homework, but it’s not too bad as long as one doesn’t fall behind. I learned that the hard way in the first week. The studio art program makes me feel like a main character in a movie getting to sit by a river in Toledo and sketch in the sunlight is lovely, make sure to wear sunscreen if you are doing a similar activity or a couple hours later you may not feel so much a “main character” and more a lobster….