By Anna Kate Creel

Hi! My name is Anna Kate and I am a nursing student at the Capstone. My team and I are blessed to be able travel to Livingstone, Zambia to provide medical care to those who are in need. This was a faculty led trip with our two nursing instructors who will join us on the trip and supervise the clinic. This trip was approximately 10 days including our travel days. It was overwhelming to think about what I should pack for a trip across the country where I was unfamiliar with weather and customs. Lucky for me I knew my main items would be scrubs since we will be working in a clinic for 4 days during our visit. So I started out with 4 sets of scrubs and then began to add shorts and tops for when we were not in clinic. During the time we will visit Zambia the temperatures will be around 70-80° during the day and cooler at night, so I also brought a jacket for night time. In Africa they are about to have their winter season, it is crazy how everything is swapped! At the end of our trip we are going on a safari and visiting Victoria Falls (A natural wonder of the world), so I also packed a cute/comfy outfit for the safari. We were advised that we would get soaked at Victoria Falls so I also brought a rain jacket. My last tip of advice when traveling to Africa is to bring a change of clothes and some toiletries for the plane! We will travel for around 48 hrs after leaving Birmingham, so I want to be prepared to stay comfy and clean. I am so excited for the adventure ahead and look for more updates !!(ps typing this in the airport during a 9hr layover)