So I just got home from my UA in South Africa trip, and I have finally been able to have some time to just sit and reflect on my time in South Africa. I was not ready to leave, but I was starting to miss some parts of being home. The differences between our culture and South Africa’s culture were vast, which was something I was not necessarily expecting. I have been abroad before, but never have I been fully immersed in a culture where I was noticing simple differences in everyday life. Following my trip to South Africa, I do feel more aware of cultural differences even if it is something small. If I were to advise someone who is considering studying abroad, I would say do it but also try to immerse yourself intentionally and respectfully in the culture of where you are staying. It is easy to take a study abroad trip where you go to class and visit the touristy spots of a country. I was lucky to be on a program that intentionally immersed us in South African culture and did not just focus on showing the glamorous parts of life in the country. Pick a program that is going to get you out of your comfort zone and ensure you are meeting locals and experiencing the culture. Being fully immersed in a country’s culture is really what is going to help you learn the most. A lot of what I learned from South African culture came from interacting with locals and local businesses and not the major landmark visits.