I cannot believe today is finally here! I am currently at the airport waiting to board my first flight to head to Florence, Italy, after many months of anticipation and preparation. I have done much to get ready to leave: from getting all of my clothes together, to figuring out the best way to pack everything, and attempting to limit my excessive packing tendencies, it has been a journey to get to this point. Though it has been pretty seamless to prepare to leave up until now, I did have one stressful experience that began yesterday. When trying to check in online for my flights, we realized that when my dad booked my flights, he accidentally typed in my birthday incorrectly. As a result, I had to get to the airport very early this morning to see if I would even be able to get on my flight. Luckily, it all worked out, but that was enough grief to last me the entire trip! Now that all is well, I am able to look forward to all of the excitement that this month abroad will bring me. I am hoping to meet lots of new friends and immerse myself in the Italian culture. I hope to undergo growth both emotionally and mentally while away.