The final destination for my study abroad trip was Bangkok, Thailand. Now, if you’ve ever seen Hangover 2, you probably realize that Bangkok is quite the exotic city. However, you may not have known that it is also home to some rich culture like the ancient temple pictured above. Thailand is one of the few places in Southeast Asia that was never colonized by a Western power, and this fact meant Thailand was able to develop faster than some of it’s neighbors. Despite this, the Thai people still preserve their culture and history and we were able to see some pretty incredible stuff. While I missed the tour of the Royal palace due to some unfortunate timing with a certain street food digestion, I had an amazing time.

The last part of the trip allowed some time to reflect on all we had learned about the region, its people, and its challenges and opportunities. I must say that the view from a rooftop bar in Bangkok is as good a place as any to spend some time thinking back on a great experience. Overall, I am very happy with my study abroad adventure and would highly recommend other students to travel and see the world firsthand!

P.S. Aforementioned view pictured below.