On May 19th, 2023, I woke up for class in Athens, Greece. It was like any other school day in Tuscaloosa when I got up early in the morning to eat breakfast and go over my homework before class at 8am. After wrapping class up earlier than expected a few of us decided to climb the acropolis. We had been seeing it the last few days when exploring, since it’s hard to miss the giant temple in the sky, and decided it was time to take the climb. After a quick lunch and making our way up the steep streets of downtown, it was time to go up the first hill. This was not a climb however, because a cruise ship had just docked so the entire first hill was simply a line for tickets (or so we thought). It is important to remember that NONE of us speak/read/understand greek. After getting to the top of the hill and front of the line around 30 minutes later, we managed to see an English sign that this was the line for AFTER you had your tickets. After a quick scramble, we used team work to hold our place, while two of us ran to the ticket office. We managed to make it before arriving at the very front and scanned in to climb the rock. On the way to the top we looked to our right and could see the original concert venue that is actually, still used for shows today. After another steep hill and quite a few more steps, we made it to the top. In addition to the humongous Athenian temple, there are many other historical structures located in the center of the Athens skyline. It is safe to say this class day is one I will never forget.