I do not know how I didn’t know about Bruges, Belgium before I studied abroad but I will never forget it. My group and I took a coach bus from Paris to Bruges, and it took a little over 4 hours which considering we left at 5 am, I slept for most of them. When we arrived, I was struck by how quaint it was, it truly looked like a Hallmark Christmas card. Cobblestone streets were lined with adorable waffle restaurants, cafes, and more chocolate shops than I could count. The buildings were all different colors from white to red to yellow and looked out on peaceful canals. When I walked into the main square, I saw rows and rows of booths set up with fresh produce, flowers, cheese, and local meat, for the weekly farmers market. It was so fun walking around and seeing what typical items locals were buying for their groceries. While I was perusing the market, I stumbled across a waffle stand that smelled absolutely delectable. I ordered a traditional Belgian waffle with chocolate and fresh strawberries and honestly, it took everything in me not to order six more throughout the rest of the day. The waffle was slightly crispy and so light and airy compared to American waffles. The strawberries were perfectly ripe and added so much flavor to the already delicious waffle. If you are ever in Bruges, you must stop and give the owner all your money, it will be worth it. Afterward, I walked along the canals stopping at various shops and eventually a Frite (fresh French fries) shop which also was a tad life-changing. Most foods I have consumed while in Europe have been so much fresher and less greasy than in America which is a welcomed change. Finally, my professor had arranged for our group to take a Segway tour of the city which was mildly terrifying at first but after 10 minutes I was having the time of my life. We got to see many of the historical places in the city as well as a gorgeous church without anyone falling and injuring themselves, a true miracle. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Bruges and would love to come back during the holiday season as we were told they decorate the city for Christmas. Also, if anyone knows how to have a box of waffles shipped to Tuscaloosa every month, let me know!