As I learned before I went on my study abroad trip to Europe, a part of culture shock are feelings of frustration at the differences from our society to that of the one you have just entered. When I first got to Croatia, I did not feel very intense culture shock, but as time went on I did begin to get frustrated with one thing: the lack of card readers and restaurants, cafes, and shops. I had read that much of Europe still used a cash-only payment method, but many places in the beginning accepted my cards. But, soon enough I began shopping and going to cafes where I was only allowed to use cash. In cases where I could not get to an ATM, this meant that I would have to leave empty-handed and try to find what I was looking for somewhere else that would accept a debit card. What was almost worse, is that if I could find an ATM, I was hit with fees from the bank which ran the machine, a fee from my bank for not using their ATM, and an international transaction fee. This made my trip a tad more expensive than it needed it to be. The only reason this whole thing was an issue was because I liked a convenience that was a part of my daily life in the United States. My only suggestion to others who will be traveling to Europe is to get Euros from your bank prior to departing so that you can avoid the fees, and get more than you think you’ll need because you can always exchange them when you arrive back in the US.