It’s hard to believe but I am on the way home from my time abroad. It doesn’t feel real that it’s already over. I had the best time ever, I am so happy I got to have that experience. I had so much fun traveling and seeing new places. Along the way I made amazing friends and memories. I travel through Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia and Rome and Venice, Italy and Ljubljana, Slovenia. I fell in love with Croatia which I never expected I would love so much. Venice was also one of my favorite places to travel. The trip was filled with so much fun I wish I could do it all over again. It was amazing to see different countries and live a different lifestyle. I feel like I got a good balance between doing school and getting to have free time and explore. If you were ever thinking of studying abroad I would highly recommend just going for it. I got to connect with classmates I would have never met on campus. I got to learn and get credit for a course in a different country. And I got to travel to many different cities/countries. It was truly a great opportunity and experience. It felt like a dream being away so I am sad to have to go back to reality. The European lifestyle is definitely a little different from ours in America. One cultural difference that stuck out to me the most was there way of taking life at a slower pace. Instead of having coffee togo or immediately handing you the check it is a much longer process. I liked how getting coffee was a sit down and longer more enjoyable experience rather than my usual getting a coffee togo and not stopping. Everywhere you went people were sitting outside getting a coffee or a drink and enjoying themselves. I also got to walk around a lot which was the best way to see the cities I was in. As I endure my long travel day and 11 hours worth of flying I am already missing study abroad.