The first week of studying abroad has almost come to a close, and we’ve done so much in our first few days. I’m studying abroad in Athens, Greece & Paris, France taking AC 497 International Financial Reporting in Europe. On our first day, we landed in the morning and had to stay awake all day so we didn’t get jet-lagged. So we started by going by the Acropolis in Athens and eating lunch there. We had a group dinner at a restaurant and got to have Mousaka and Bakalava. On the next day, we went to Aegina, the pistachio island. We had a great breakfast crepe near the dock, walked to see a monument, and then a taxi driver took us to the Temple of Aphaia. We had a great dinner by the beach and waited for our ferry back to Athens. The next day we had class and then went to see the national archaeological museum. It had a ton of artifacts from Greek/Roman times around the Mediterranean Sea, everything from pottery to swords. At night we went and had dinner on top of the mountain that overlooks Athens, Lycabettus Hill. The next day we went on a catamaran trip and saw the other side of Aegina. We got to swim in the water and see the beautiful coast. Today we relaxed and walked around the Plaka, Athens’ marketplace. Professor Lopez took us to a fantastic Mexican place (I know we are in Athens, but we all missed Taco Mama), and we all had a great dinner. Tomorrow we have class and will be visiting the Acropolis!