A Sunset to Remember

Wednesday, May 17th, was our final day of class. We had worked hard these past few days, and everyone anxiously awaited the final. We all got ready in the morning and headed to the Faculty of Economics and Tourism (FET) building to take the exam. After we were done, we felt it necessary to celebrate; Hawaii Beach seemed the perfect choice.

In the short time we had spent studying in Pula, only a couple of our group members had been to this beach. However, we could all tell from the photographs that it would be amazing. The anticipation grew, and after a 20-minute cab ride, we were a short walk from the beach. As we walked toward the sound of crashing waves, an immense feeling of satisfaction overtook the group. We had finished our class. The following six days traveling Europe were ours to enjoy!

After a short time playing in the waves, the frigid temperatures forced us on shore. We were so excited to enjoy ourselves; we neglected to locate a restaurant for dinner. A beachside restaurant was found after a quick Google search, and a delicious meal was consumed!

As we found our way back towards the shore, everyone quickly realized the best part of the day was yet to come: sunset. While sitting on the cliff's ledge, looking out over the crashing waves, I experienced a moment I will never forget. As the sun set over the Adriatic Sea, I began reflecting on how far I had come. One year ago, I was speeding toward graduation and looking forward to what the University of Alabama had to offer. Now, after completing 30 credit hours at UA, along with my transfer credit, I was halfway through my undergraduate work. I realized just how fast time goes by.

As the sun dipped over the horizon, we gathered our belongings and headed to catch a cab back to town. However, I was intent on cherishing the time abroad I had left. Our course had ended, but our travels were beginning!