The international business class that I am taking abroad covers three different countries including Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. My favorite place so far in the countries that we visited is Siem Reap in Cambodia. It has been incredible to visit several different temples that are a part of Angkor Wat. It has shown me how far we have come by building a temple that is a thousand years old that still stands today. In Cambodia, there is a film called Tomb Raider that was filmed at one of the temple complexes since it looked like something you would see in a movie. It is amazing to see the Buddhist and Hindu religions shown heavily in many of the temples. They tell the stories that people have recorded for generations. The countries that we visited have predominantly Buddhist religions, and the influence is clear in the incredible carvings. I have learned what the people value in each of the countries through cultural immersion, and it has had an incredible influence on me. I would never be able to understand the people of these countries if I had not fully immersed myself into their culture through Thai spices, silk clothing, and a myriad of different colors. It is impressive to see a culture that has changed through the centuries. I have been able to learn so much through the experience by even visiting a garment factory in Cambodia. I gained a new appreciation for the assembly line. The course has changed my perspective on my career trajectory.