The Iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

The little girl inside of me is screaming with excitement right now as I am packing for my study abroad trip to Paris. I have dreamed of visiting this renown city since I was a young girl, so much so I literally used to have a Paris themed room growing up. While I am certainly still excited for all the sight seeing and visiting little touristy spots, what I am actually most excited for is the opportunities that lie ahead of me right now. 

Recently, I just switched my major to Communications and Public relations. I knew this would open so many potential job possibilities in my future, but I was (and still am) confused on what exactly these jobs would entail or what they really were. But, studying abroad will completely change this for me especially the particular one I am attending with the UA College of Communications and Information Sciences. During our time there, we will be a group of only 100 students worldwide attending Cannes International Festival of Creativity, where prestigious publicists from around the globe help you to build the case for creativity, understand upcoming trends and challenges, build connections with creators from around the world, develop your skills, and establish conditions for creative success. I am so honoured to have such an amazing opportunity available to me through this program where I can learn more about my major and what it will look like for me career-wise in the future. 

Of course, I am nervous as this is my first time ever traveling alone... let alone to Europe. However, I love to travel, so I am going to embrace every moment of it, knowing that this will be a huge opportunity for me to grow as a person, as a professional, and as a peer with my other UA students.