Today has easily been the longest day of my life—quite literally. I am currently going on 24 hours of being awake, after a 10 hours plane ride with zero sleep. I have been in Athens, Greece, for roughly 3 hours, and have not taken it in yet.

            Overall, the past week has been too hectic to recall. Between packing, nervousness, and other random tasks that I had to get done before leaving the country, time seemed to slip my mind and suddenly I have found myself in a foreign country.

            As I was sitting awake on my ten hour plane ride, I kept thinking of all of the exciting things I was soon going to encounter. While this is super exciting, it is also entirely nerve-wracking, as I have planned absolutely nothing for our free days. As finals week approached, I was unable to remove my mind from schoolwork and plan things out day-by-day. Unfortunately, I am very type-a, so a lack of planning is my biggest fear. There are a variety of things I am excited to see; the Aegean Sea, the ancient ruins, the small cafes. I am also excited to try new, authentic foods, and experience a new culture.

            Overall, being in a foreign country so far has stirred my nerves a bit more than I originally expected. Perhaps it is entirely due to the lack of sleep I am currently enduring, I have never been more excited to (at some point during this never ending day) go to bed, and wake up tomorrow energized and ready to explore things I have never seen before.