It has been an incredible few weeks. I feel like the world just became a lot smaller after taking the global business course. I know I am going to miss all the people and places I visited. I already have an itinerary for a return trip. My favorite part of the course was meeting university students in Vietnam. I got to see how people my age abroad are doing in college, and it was fun to hear about their hobbies and courses. It turns out people my age across the globe have the same goals and struggles. I realized how alike most people are and how we are all connected. I learned the best way to understand other cultures and people is to immerse yourself within it. You will eat, sleep, and breathe just like the people you want to know. It is hard coming home because I became used to the food in Southeast Asia. I had a lot of rice and Pad Thai. It will take my stomach a while to get used to foods in America. For anyone traveling, my advice would be to always do research on the culture. I learned to respect other places because it is a sign of respect for the people like dressing modestly to visit the temples. It helped me to understand how to better connect with people because I researched my destinations beforehand. I would always pack light. If you can go without it, then do not bring it. Packing lighter is better when you are on the move. Count on the people around you. I have made many friendships that will last a lifetime, and relationships will get you farther than anything in life. Always remember these tips for your next adventure!