I'm currently waiting to board my flight to Barcelona for the Summer and thought there would be no better time to write my first post!  Like many others, I sit here with a feeling a range of nerves and excitement.  This is going to be not only my first-time visiting Europe, but also my first time ever flying alone.  I have a layover in Amsterdam, then will fly into Barcelona where I will find a taxi and find my home for the Summer.  I chose to go abroad with a non-affiliate program so my roommates (six of them!) will be from other schools from the US.  I think it's important to note that my excitement heavily outweighs my nerves as this is truly a special opportunity to meet new people and understand a new culture.  

The best advice I could give thus far is to be prepared and establish a relationship with your program manager before departure.  With the CEA CAPA Program that I am enrolled in, my manager has provided plenty of helpful information and tips for my arrival and without her I would surely be lost.  Traveling to a new country alone is exciting and nerve-wracking but communicating with others within the program will ease a lot of those nerves.  Also, embrace your emotions, this is something truly unique and you don't want to let stress take anything away from your trip.  It's okay to feel lost or scared, as in the end it will all be worth it. I look forward to landing in the city and sharing more about my trip and the experiences that come with it!