Hallo from Stellenbosch! I am enjoying my time here so far, and have been to some wonderful places. The BAMA study abroad story was so impactful that it made its way to the local news, which gave us an incredible feeling of accomplishment. We are now more excited than ever for our next adventures in Stellenbosch! In these upcoming days, I am excited to see what South Africa has to offer! I am looking forward to exploring the wineries, restaurants and shops of Stellenbosch, understanding the intricacies of the culture, visiting the nearby beaches, and taking in the incredible beauty of this African country. I am also eager to take part in volunteer activities and make a positive impact on the local community. I am also looking forward to visiting some of the historical landmarks and monuments in the area, learning about South Africa’s powerful and rich history. There is such a vast collection of stories, events and people that have come together to create this incredible place, and I am eager to discover them all. Finally, I look forward to the new experiences that come with living abroad and making new friends. With each person I meet, I am sure to be added to their story as well. The memories I will share here will surely last me a lifetime, and I am grateful to be here and have this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what the next few days bring and explore the beauty that is South Africa!