I will be leaving for Madrid, Spain in one month! I can’t even believe it is coming so soon. I have always wanted to study abroad. I am majoring in Spanish, so when I heard about the faculty led program to Madrid where I could take up to 12 hours of Spanish credit hours, I knew it was perfect. I feel like so much preparation and communication has gone into this moment and now it is almost here.

I am most excited to speak Spanish. I am really hoping that by the end of this trip I will be able to speak Spanish fluently. I have never been so fully immersed in Spanish. On that note, I am a little nervous about the classes. I am taking all upper level classes, and our professor said that they will be hard. Nevertheless, I know I can succeed because we have so much free time to study and relax. I have to determine what I will do with my time. I am going with one of my best friends, so we will plan many fun outings. Our professor has gotten us bus passes so we can roam the city freely. Additionally, my aunt is going to visit me while I am abroad. I’m excited to show her what I have found in Madrid, but also visit other parts of Spain. I can also hopefully act as our translator.

What I am most nervous about is packing. I don’t think I even have a suitcase big enough to pack two months worth of clothing and supplies. My professor keeps saying to pack lightly, but I feel that will be hard. Additionally, I don’t really know what I will need, sheets? laundry detergent? toilet paper? He said we can buy that stuff there, but I like to be prepared. However, my excitement far outweighs my nervousness. I will post again once I am in Madrid!