As I was preparing for my trip, I felt many emotions. I was so excited to leave but also so anxious to leave my family and especially my mom. I had to remember that this is an amazing opportunity to study and intern abroad in Rome, Italy. I applied to the CEA program, and it has been all I could talk about for the last three months. It took a lot to prepare, and I recommend researching each program you are looking into, which scholarships you can apply for from both UA and the other programs. I loved the research process just because I could look into just summer programs for studying abroad, just interning abroad, or both. 

My biggest challenge was trying to get all my stuff into my suitcase and get it under 50lbs. I needed to pack work clothes, traveling clothes, day clothes and anything extra just in case I would need in my travel. My biggest tip would be to lay it all out on your bed and see what you want to bring even if you are not 100% sure if it is coming. I would also recommend buying things of more neutral clothes to mix and match many outfits to help condense the packing.

Another challenge for me was allowing myself to feel all the emotions. I know that I felt like I couldn’t be excited and scared at the same time. But that is a normal feeling, when traveling to a foreign country by yourself for maybe the first time. Allow yourself to feel those feelings and embrace them. Happy, sad, excited, anxious or nervous, you can do this! You will truly enjoy this experience and everything that the trip will bring to you.