I think that studying abroad in New Zealand has been such a cool experience so far.  Being immersed in a new country has given me the chance to learn about the history of New Zealand and its native people and about the culture of the country today.  It has also been really neat to learn about the current relationship between the native people of New Zealand and the rest of the local people.

Another really cool part of going abroad has been forming new friendships with people I would not have known otherwise.  I am participating in a Faculty-Led program through the University of Alabama, so all of the students in the program come from UA.  I do not think I would have met most of the students in this program on campus, but going to the same university and experiencing a new country together has made us all really good friends.  They have definitely made the experience of being in a new country easier to get used to and more fun, and I am so grateful for the chance to meet and become friends with them.

I will definitely miss New Zealand once I am back in the United States.  Because New Zealand puts a big emphasis on preserving nature, it is a very beautiful country.  I have gotten to go out in nature a lot and go on lots of hikes while I have been here, and I am going to miss the views.  Everyone in this country is so nice and welcoming, and I will miss meeting New Zealanders.  I definitely hope that I will have the chance to come back to New Zealand one day.