Coming to Florence has been so much fun and every experience has been so worthwhile. We landed in Rome and took a train to Florence which was cool because we got to see the countryside and all of the poppies that were growing on the side of the tracks. When we got to Florence, I immediately noticed how busy train stations get there it felt comparable to Grand Central Station in New York. Overall, Florence was excellent and I would love to go back again to see more of the city. We took a cooking class where we learned how to make gelato and pizza and now the whole class is certified pizza and gelato makers, saw the statue of David in the Academia Museum, and we went to the Uffizi Art Gallery which has “The Birth of Venus” so seeing that in person was amazing and no picture on the internet can do it justice. I would’ve done more but my suitcase was delayed getting to Italy and it was a whole journey trying to get it figured out (I ended up getting it sorted… go me!!) so I feel like it prevented me from having the best experience I could’ve had because I was calling the airline trying to get it all situated.