As my final days here in France comes to a end I am having overwhelming feelings of nostalgia and sadness. Recapping and reminiscing on the first day that I arrived I can see that my view of myself and the world have changed drastically. I was submerged into a new culture and language that terrified me. Thanks to the environment that I was placed in showed me that I am stronger and more resilient than I gave myself credit for. Even thought my journey began a little difficult I would not change a thing. This help me to understand that the path that I have chosen for myself is the correct one. Learning that connecting with people, even with language barriers present, is a talent that I posses. It took a few months but I finally got into the swing of the french culture and lifestyle. I am excited to be home able to receive the items I could not get in France such as Honeybuns, and the people that have missed me. On the opposite side of the coin I will miss all the friends that I have made here. In the short amount of time that I spent here they became family as well. All of the lessons that I acquired here have shaped me into the new me that has come back home with me. Bitter-sweet departure is not a new concept to me, but this is a hard pill to swallow still. I feel as though I have found a new home away from home and I will most certainly be back. If I could give advice to anyone traveling somewhere new for the first time is open yourself up for new experiences, and do not let your previous mindset hold you back. France thank you for everything I will see you soon.