After Vietnam we flew to Siem Reap Cambodia where we explored several temples including the amazing Angkor Wat. The temples were fascinating in architecture and the designs of all the engravings. The walls told stories from top to bottom and all around the temples. We explored the temples and the town of siem reap for two days. There was a fun market where we could buy fun souvenirs and traditional pants and skirts. We then went to Phnom Penh where we stayed in the Naga World Casino Hotel which was a fun experience and had a great dinner and breakfast buffet. We went to the Khmer Rouge Genocide Museum which was incredibly sad and disheartening to learn about. So many were killed without anyone knowing. We even got to hear from one of the few survivors from the killing field we visited. We explored the markets in Phnom Penh as well and tried a few local foods. After Cambodia we finished the trip in Thailand which i wish I had more time to explore. The Royal palace there was absolutely beautiful and covered in mosaic tiles and mirrors and ornate flowers that made the whole thing  shine but was also so intricate.  We took a boat ride to another market where we had delicious fried rice and then another night went on a fun dinner cruise where we sang sweet home alabama.