My summer in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand is finally coming to a close soon, but I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

Bangkok has been amazing!! After we arrived in Bangkok, we went to have a Thai lunch at Hua Takhe Market. They served us Pad Thai and mango sticky rice, and both were delicious. We also got to try Thai Milk Tea. After eating, we went to the Grand Palace for a historical immersion experience and then visited Asiatique which was a carnival site that was themed with Disney characters. They had a Farris wheel that overlooked the Bangkok skyline and the Choa Praya River. The next day we drove to Ayutthaya, the historical capital of Thailand. There, we were able to learn about the ancient history of Thailand and tour the architectural ruins. We ate lunch at a local restaurant and went to a cruise in the evening for dinner and a traditional Thai dance. Bangkok has been a lot of fun and for a city of over 12 million people, it is unlike anywhere I have ever gone before. Tonight, we plan to visit Skybar, where the movie Hangover II was filmed. I am looking forward to getting to see the views of the city tonight, but not looking forward to going home soon. I have loved getting to experience the culture in Thailand and was very surprised to find out that they drive on the other side of the street here like they do in England. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back to Bangkok someday and explore even more!