When I first arrived in Seoul I felt like I would hate it since I am not one to be super social. The language barrier I knew I would come to face was slowly creeping into my mind, making me think that I wouldn’t be able to make new friends. I would come to realize that I was greatly mistaken…. Soon after classes began Hanyang University had a Club fair with over 30 clubs. In all honesty mostly of the clubs didn’t accept foreigners or students that didn’t speak fluent Korean. Only about 4 clubs accepted foreigners, one of which being a club called HECC (Hanyang English Communication Club). This is the club that I decided to join since the members seemed extremely friendly and welcoming. I was super right in this assumption since most of my friends that I currently have are from this club. The club meets every week on Thursdays to discuss English topics and afterwards we get dinner together and socialize with one another. After each meeting I feel like I make at least 2 more friends since there are so many different people from all over the world to talk to. Overall joining this club has been one of the best decisions I have ever made since coming here. Most of the friends that I have made are people that I could see myself being friends with for a very long time. If you get the chance to visit/study at Hanyang university I highly recommend joining this club! Also I want to give the advise to any of you who are feeling a little shy or feel like you might not be able to make friends because you’re not very social. When you study abroad become the you that I want to be, you can change the way you normally act because the people here don’t know how you are back home so don’t be afraid to get out there and try new things!