During my ten days spent in Greece, I found that the best way to maximize my time there was to embrace and try to experience the new differences this country had to offer. For example, I discovered so many new foods that I have come to love such as the traditional Greek salad and lamb gyros that will forever ruin Taziki’s food for me. In every country there are options to get generic foods, but I think it is so important to branch out to discover new things you might enjoy that you never thought of. Another difference I had the opportunity to experience was the Greek style of dance and entertainment. At dinner we were able to participate in this which was unlike anything I have ever seen in the US and it was truly a memory I will never forget. The ancient ruins are a critical component of Greek history, as well as Athens as a whole, so my trip would not have been complete without visiting these sites as well as learning about the significance behind each structure. My personal favorite part of my trip to Athens, Greece was the fact that there were friendly stray cats almost anywhere you went in the city and that the locals took care of them as if they were their own pets by setting out food for them at every corner. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, I was in absolute heaven. My favorite night in Athens was hands down sitting outside at dinner with a greek salad and calamari in front of me, greek dancing entertaining me with my friends, and a stray cat that happened to crawl onto my lap.