Spring 2023 Studying Abroad in Paris, France

While abroad, I am amazed everyday and at the opportunities in front of me. If I could, I would study abroad every semester! While studying in Paris, I’ve spent a lot of time in the city and going to so many of the museums. My favorite activity in Paris is still going to the Eiffel Tower, it may be a basic response but I am still amazed I am living in this amazing city. I recently went to Disney in Paris which was so cool to compare to Disney in the United States. It was very cool, but I still prefer Disney in Florida. The food is more special in Florida because they have more food that fits the Disney theme, which makes it extra enjoyable! The sandwiches here are like no other, the bread is amazing and I am convinced it is healthier here than in the United States. It is so weird bread is so unhealthy and not eaten as much in the US compared to Paris. I have made sure to travel and take advantage of the cheap and easy travel. I have done weekend trips to Annecy(a beautiful mountain town), Normandy, Barcelona, Belgium and am going all over Italy next week! In Belgium I did a waffle making class which was amazing. Their waffles are truly amazing! Other than Paris, my favorite trip was Barcelona because they had the most amazing Tapas and I went on a sunset boat ride which was beautiful! I will include pictures of my amazing boat tour and tapas from Barcelona!