Study abroad has been A DREAM so far! The amount of things you get to learn from your various experiences is like nothing else in the world. Study abroad has taught me things school never could. I’ve been able to find my independence through this trip and appreciate how amazing this world is. So far I have been to 7 countries and still have 3 more to go to! I can’t believe study abroad is flying by so quickly. If i could make a suggestion to any college student i would tell them to TAKE THE JUMP and study abroad. The community you make abroad has an indescribable feeling and i will be so grateful for each of them my entire life. We all grow drastically together and it is so amazing getting so close to new people and watching how they are also growing with you. I can’t wait to continue to experience this travel lifestyle for the rest of this study abroad program and am excited to update you all when all my travels have come to an end and share everything i have gained from this experience. 🙂