This is my first time studying abroad and I could not be more ecstatic to leave in just a little over two weeks! In addition to the two weeks aboard with my faculty led program, I will be tagging on an additional two weeks to my trip. I have never been on a trip this long, so I was having a hard time gathering all the things I needed to consider before leaving. Over the past few months here are some valuable questions I asked myself while preparing to depart for Greece and France:
1. Do I need to adjust my cell phone plan to accommodate use without wireless internet?
2. Do I need to alert my bank of my travel plans to avoid fraud freezes?
3. Are there any restaurants I want to go to, and do they take reservations?
4. Are there nearby places I want to take day trips and what kinds of tickets must be purchased in advance to solidify those plans?
5. Will I need a voltage converter to use my electronics and hair tools, in addition to using an adapter?
6. Are there dress codes for some of the places I want to visit, and do I have items to accommodate those?
7. Due to the amount of walking, do I have appropriate shoes that will be sufficient for all day wear?
8. Is there any kind of tracking device I want to put on my belongings to ensure they are not lost or stolen while abroad?