After getting back from spring break everyone going on the abroad trip was able to get together for dinner at Professor Wright's house! It was really great to meet everyone and get to know the people I will be traveling with. We went over some of the logistics of the trip, some good things to bring with us, and some tips for the long flights. 

Yesterday we had our final meeting over zoom with Mahesh who has been coordinating the hotels and excursions for us. We discussed the itinerary and how we will be transported both when we arrive and then as groups from place to place. We are now two weeks away from when we all begin flying out of the U.S. and making our way over to Hanoi! 

For me I have been trying to make list so that I do not forget anything while packing but also because there is such a quick turn around from the end of finals to when I fly out, only about 48 hours!! It is going to be super hot and humid there so I will be packing lots of dry fit, but also keeping in mind outfits for the temples where will have to wear pants and cover our shoulders. I have made a few orders for clothes and ordered things like a plug adapter and a travel backpack, to fit more carrying-on, from amazon. I have made sure to fill out all my visa applications and get my documents organized so once I arrive abroad I will hopefully have smooth sailing through the airports. 

Through preparing to go abroad I have felt several emotions, mostly excitement, but as we get closer to the departure date I find myself feeling slightly more anxious. I feel this anxiety is just about making sure I am prepared and have packed everything I needed, but I cannot wait for all the experiences I will have while abroad!