After arriving here in Panama, my first thoughts involved the heat and how beautiful this country looked at night with the lights shining down on the water. I instantly fell in love with this amazing city; I was extremely confused on what to do first, and how I would make the most of the little time I have here. On the way to the City of Knowledge, a place we’re staying, I was extremely shocked to learn that the rules of the road here, was way different from back in Alabama. The stop/ alto signs were just suggestions, and the head and tail lights/ signals are just for decoration. I was a little taken back by the Uber and van rides because everyone drove very chaotically. It reminded me of a giant game of chicken, but with cars. I will miss Señor Hermon, he was literally the only person who knew how to drive. My very first picture I took while abroad was of the city at night. Once we got settled in, we went on a venture for food. My favorite spot has to be a fish taco place called MaaGoo’s. It was own by a little family who always wanted to own a restaurant. The food was amazing, and the people were way better. This little family owned business made Panama extra special and I will truly miss it when I leave. Taking classes while abroad didn’t really feel like work, which is a huge plus. I met a lot of businessmen and women. They were truly inspiring and helpful in guiding me through the start up business process. I also met a lot of locals and people from other countries and cities like Puerto Rico. I learned a lot about how they moved for better opportunities and lower taxes. I thought they language barrier between me and the locals would be challenging, considering they spoke Spanish and I did not, but it wasn’t that bad. The words were very similar, and once slowed down, easier to understand. It was very entertaining whenever me and some of the other students caught Ubers and they had now idea what we were saying and vice versa. Having to pull up the translator app, while both parties figure it out, will always be in my memories. The locals were very good sports and I truly thank them for that. Now that it’s time to leave this humid, fresh smelling, hot, and delicious food making city, I intend to part with the things I learned from my business meetings and just the locals in general. With my packed bags ready to go, I am truly sad to leave.