This trip has given me some of the best opportunities of my life. When I first arrived in Panama it was around 10:00 pm and we went through customs, which was my first experience with people speaking to me in a language I didn’t understand and it was a struggle, especially having to get our bags and leave the airport. I was also taken aback at how beautiful the city looked at night. It was full of lights and colors and it was a great first site to see when I got there. Once we got to our rooms it felt just like being in my dorm at the University of Alabama, my favorite part was I was close and got to build connection with my roommate over the course of this trip. I also loved how our host location provided breakfast for us and made us feel welcomed. But the academics was one of the most impactful parts. I got to take a look into different areas of business and see what field I would potential want to study in. The meetings we were in were a great chance to hear first hand advice from people who have been in our shoes and network. I learned about different areas like financial investment, food and beverage, retails, and economics. While all the educational information was great, the best part was the people. Everywhere I went I was surround with kindhearted people. Whether it was an Uber ride, a shopping mall, or a restaurant all the Panamanians really made an effort to speak English and get to know me. Overall I have had a great time so far and deeply want to come visit this country again one day.