Hello! My name is Lanie, and I am a Junior majoring in Chemistry on the Pre-Medical Track!

I spent the month of June in Paris, France with the ISA Arts and French Language Program. Europe is currently experiencing a major heat wave, and with many places without air conditioning, it can be difficult to manage. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying cool and having fun in Paris.

Drink Water

This sounds pretty obvious, but water is so important! Liter sized water bottles are available at FranPrix or other grocery stores for as little as 2 euros! Paris is a very walkable city, so it is especially important to drink water and stay hydrated!

Taking a Cold Shower

I only took cold showers in Paris because of how hot it would get! I get hot easily, so taking a cold shower at the end of each day and in the mornings helped me stay cool.

Go to a Waterpark or Pool

During one of the hotter days in Paris, ISA offered an excursion to a waterpark in Paris known as Aquaboulevard! It was a fun activity to stay cool and have some fun. There are also several public pools in Paris, including one along the Seine River!

Stay Inside

As mentioned earlier, most places in France do not have air conditioning; however, staying inside and closing curtains and windows can help keep the cool air in. If you want to go do something and stay inside, Musée d'Orsay is the only museum with air conditioning in Paris, so it is a perfect location to spend a hot day!