By: Erika Holzer

Living & Learning in Dublin, Ireland

Since arriving here in Dublin in January I have been learning something new about my new home for the next few month everyday. We have busses at UA along with walking across our massive beautiful campus but walking and taking public bus transportation here in Ireland is standard whether you’re 10 years old on your way to school or 75 on your way to Sunday brunch. This adjustment was difficult at first, however I now have a great appreciation for public transportation and walking as both are much cheaper and allow for a much more relaxing way of transport. The beautiful scenery here in Ireland is in no shortage and walking definitely allows for further exploration of the beautiful landscape and far better photo options!

Dalkey, Ireland
UCD Campus (Dublin, Ireland)
Aviva Stadium (Dublin, Ireland)

Lucky for me, I haven’t had to miss out on sports since leaving UA, Ireland has some amazing sports such as their national sports of hurling, and Gaelic football which all fall under the GAA. Lucky for me, I also got to see the Irish rugby team compete the day after St. Patricks day against England for a grand slam (a perfect record season!). Ireland is known for having one of the best, if not the best rugby team in the world, so getting to see such a great game, and a win make being so far away from Tuscaloosa much easier.

Roll Tide from 4,077 miles away!

– Erika Holzer