As Friday came, I knew the end was near. Friday, we planned an all-day excursion to the Gamboa rainforest. We were able to take a cable car up to a lookout with one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever witnessed. I was in complete aw of how peaceful it was. Following that I took a boat ride that put me in the canal. On the boat ride we would stop at small pieces of land that were home to many different animals including monkeys and sloths. Fun fact Panama has over 1,000 bird species. On the ride we were also able to see huge ships coming in and out of the canal. As the day ended so did the trip. As sad as it was to go, I did start to miss home.  

Reflecting on this wonderful experience I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I learned so much on this trip about culture, history, appreciation, business and just on life. I know have a much better understanding of those coming into the U.S. not speaking English and how hard it truly is I symptomize with them now. On the trip I saw how hard it was to get around and do normal tasks, not being able to speak the native language of the country. Overall, the biggest thing that stuck with me was a quote given by one of the business owners we visited, the quote said, “to get something you never had you have to do something you never did”. This has brought a new perspective to use not only now but when I strive to get my dream career.