With my duffel bag packed I hopped on the plane with a daunting 8 hour flight ahead of me. I was heading to Ireland for 16 days of study abroad adventure! Although I was nervous, I was very excited. I had never left the country before and the fact that I was even allowed this opportunity was a miracle.
We were told to pack light, something I was not well versed in. After careful consideration, I managed to only pack the things I needed while also avoiding checking a bag for my flight. This was a decision I would greatly appreciate. I traveled during the month of June, so I was ready to be out of the Alabama heat and enjoy the near-constant 60 degree summer weather in Ireland.
Though I’m not naturally an anxious person, I was struggling on the days leading to my departure. Would I miss my family and friends? What about all the familiarity I was leaving in the States? I didn’t really know any of my classmates that were also going. I was worried about navigating a foreign country and culture as well as the social dynamics of an unfamiliar group. Eventually, the nervousness turned to excitement. I wondered about all of the things I would experience and learn and all of the people I would meet. Little did I know, I would learn much more than was listed on the syllabus and schedule. I would learn to be resilient. I would discover I was capable of much more than I had previously thought. I would walk away with lessons that would change my perception for the rest of my life. 

The Cliffs of Moher