Hi! My name is Malaysia Church, and I am a business major here at the University of Alabama. I chose to do study abroad because it seemed like the only way to travel the world, network, and learn new things in the most interesting way possible. I had to consider the actual price of it all before committing. With the help of the study abroad opportunity I was given, it is helping me live the dream of traveling outside of the country for the first time ever! I prepared for this abroad experience by researching the country, getting, and staying, ahead in all my classes, and looking into learning the language. I am mentally preparing myself to be away from my family by reassuring myself that I’ll be fine, and that I need the space to grow. I started packing business casual clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and books. A few thoughts running through my head right now, involves me not knowing the right questions to ask and the right things to wear. I am thinking about how I’ll keep myself from thinking about my family too much. I think a lot about my trip to Panama, which makes me excited but nervous. To keep these emotions under wraps, I think about the fun I’ll have and the things I’ll learn. I hope to gain new views on the world outside of what I’m used to; I hope to learn about the most effective ways to start and then run a business, and I want to see this process in action, and hopefully experience what it is really like. I am really excited and cannot wait to see what Panama brings!