I have always wanted to study abroad but I never thought I would have the chance to until I found out there was a Freshman Access Grant Panama Business trip. I will be getting first-hand experience with foreign companies about their business. I applied for this program because I knew there was a world outside of The University of Alabama and I wanted to explore it. With my study abroad trip quickly approaching I can’t contain my excitement for what I will get to experience. I have been surrounded by some of the best teachers, mentors, and cohort who I get to participate in this trip with and they have just made it better. We have study all the different categories containing to Panama City, Panama. I have learned about the culture, work ethic, individuals in Panama. I have learned how Panamanians value family as well as the people around them and I am excited to be in that environment and strive for this to be a quality I bring back to the United States. I have been given the honor to study Everest Capital and prepare for the meeting we will have with them. It has been a breath of fresh air to be able to study another country and see what all they have to offer. My cohort and I will also be able to go zip lining and also explore the beautiful city. I am looking forward to all that Panama has to offer beyond the pictures. I can’t wait for this irreplaceable experience.

This is the Beautiful Panama City, Panama that i will be studying in.