Hello! My name is Cassidy Price, and I am spending the Spring 2023 semester studying through the Semester at Sea program! There are many reasons to fall in love with studying on Semester at Sea! This program has the best study abroad location, because the location is the whole world! One of my favorite things about studying on a ship is not only growing close relationships with other students, but also the professors! Not to mention I just have to walk up the stairs from my room to get to class! What makes this program so special is that I am not in one set location or culture, I am exploring multiple cultures in just four months. We are learning cultural traditions, differences, and global issues around the world, then we are getting to go into these countries and see what we are studying first hand. Semester at Sea is the ultimate study abroad program with incomparable unique experiences. From getting to see the Taj Mahal, riding camels in the desert, to scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan I do really feel like I have seen it all! The thing that I will miss the most when I go home is the constant change. I am never in one single place for long and I love the thrill of docking in a new country almost every week! I feel that everyone should take the opportunity to study abroad at least once, because you learn value lessons and gain education that you can’t from staying in the United States.