Hello! My name is Lanie, and I am a Junior majoring in Chemistry on the Pre-Medical Track!

I spent the month of June in Paris, France with the ISA Arts and French Language Program. As a huge overpacker myself, I wanted to share some must haves for traveling to Paris!


Belt Bag/Fanny Pack

This was so helpful to have. Pickpockets are everywhere in Paris, especially on the metro and in touristy areas. It is important to keep your cash and cards safe, so having a belt bag is so useful. I wore mine across my body and kept the bag under my armpit during my transit on the metro. 

Canvas Tote (preferably with a zipper)

Backpacks are a no go in Paris due to the many pickpockets in the city. Instead, I recommend a canvas bag or a shoulder back with a zipper. This way, you easily have control of your belongings and can avoid being the target of a pickpocket.

Space Saving Bags/Packing Cubes

As with any trip, you are going to bring home a lot of souvenirs. This makes space saving bags very important. I ended up having to buy another duffle bag to take home, but packing less to begin with and using these space savers would have allowed me to avoid that.

Good Walking Shoes

I packed way too many shoes for my trip; I only wore my tennis shoes. You will walk everywhere in Paris, so having good supportive shoes is essential. I packed too many pairs of sandals that I never wore because they were uncomfortable. I even had to buy a pair of Hokas in Paris because I did not pack my tennis shoes. Walking up the many steps of Montmartre is so difficult without the proper shoes. Sacré-Cœur is a must see, so save your feet and wear good shoes!