Are you interested in a I am excited to say that UA in Panama will be my first study abroad experience! I currently am an Economics major and first year student at The University of Alabama. My reason for participating in the program is to expand my horizon beyond the four walls of Alabama and get a sense of global business. Going into the trip, I expect to gain an in depth knowledge of international business while building a network with successful foreign professional. I’ve always looked at Panamá from a tourism point of view. You know, the coconuts, palm trees, nice weather and all. I’ve never thought about it from a business point of view. I believe it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the world interacts with a country that gives so many tax incentives and encourages trade within their jurisdiction. I also am highly excited to get to know the people of Panamá during my free time. From the little research I’ve conducted, I do know that they are a cosmopolitan which means they have a lot of cultures blended together. I believe that participating in this program will benefit individuals who might be interested in conducting business abroad but don’t feel quite comfortable traveling. For many, I believe it will be there first flight. Overall, I believe it will break the anxiety of leaving the United States. Once I have the opportunity to settle with a bit of understanding, I plan to write back to give you all an update!