Arriving at the airport in Atlanta, Saturday, I was so excited to see what this trip would hold. My expectations coming into this consisted of having a good time, learning about Panama’s culture and the businesses, and finally getting to spend time with my classmates. These expectations were definitely met. Our first day we had a cultural experience of Panama Viejo and watched the locks open at the Panama Canal. We got to take so many pictures and learn about the ruins in Panama and their importance to their culture.The Panama Canal has always been something I just read about in the books or learned about in history class. Being able to see it in person was one of the best experiences of my life. We also had lunch at Magoo’sFish Tacos where I had the best meal. Our first full day overall was absolutely my favorite day. I felt like I learned so much about Panama’s past and present. I truly had a culture shock but loved every minute of it. We also got to go to the supermarket and it was so different from what I was used to. I am so thankful for a university that pours their dedication into us so that we can learn and have every chance to be successful in life. Just from our first day I knew that this trip would have such a big impact on myself and my future.