The importance of this trip was to gain knowledge and to find interest in the companies that we visited. I strongly believe that each and every student gained some type of information that inspired them to switch their majors, find out what they did and didn’t like, and continue to ask questions that would benefit themselves. I myself enjoyed many of the companies that we visited and retained information that I believe will help me in my future. Being a marketing major I got to experience marketing on different levels. Retail was definitely something that I showed interest in. Pandora, and a family owned business really showed me that I had a love for marketing in this specific area. I also loved visiting Copa Airlines which was very informative and so much fun. It was a great presentation and the presenter showed interest in us and gave details on everything. Pro Panama was another company that I found much interest in. This investment company gave much emphasis on what they did and how they operated. At this company the presenter gave us a chance to come up with 3 words that we thought described Panama since we were new to the city. Most of us came up with words but a few that stuck out to me were connectivity, beautiful, and unique. This country is something I believe everyone needs to experience. The growth in these companies that are happening internationally is something you want to be a part of.