This summer I will be Studying abroad in Belize. I chose to go on this trip after a got an email about it early in the semester and thought this would be an amazing learning experience for me. I also was able to get class credit out of the way in 3 weeks instead of having to spend 2 months in Tuscaloosa. To prepare for this trip I made sure to get everything on the checklist. It was a bit overwhelming trying to get everything packed and ready while juggling finals the week before the trip. I don’t have many expectations for this trip, as I am a very go with the flow person. Although I am nervous about what food they are going to be serving us during the trip. I also know I won’t have access to my phone for 3 weeks, but it’s about time I’ve disconnected from all social media and technology. This should be a trip of a lifetime.

When we arrived in Belize, I took a photo of the Charter Bus: