I expected coming back home to be easier than it was. I was not abroad for a whole semester, only 6 weeks, so it seemed it would be easy. But, getting back into my routine proved difficult.

I was exhausted at the end of my trip and really, really looking forward to coming back home. But home felt a little off for some reason. My perspective seemed off, and travel had hit me hard. I was more exhausted the next week than I had been my whole trip. Now that I’ve been back a few weeks, I’ve definitely gotten back into the swing of things and am enjoying not moving locations every week (though fun, very exhausting). It’s important to remind yourself that you won’t feel 100% the day you get back, or even the following few days. Not only will the time change affect you, but constantly switching routines and adjusting to new places can really get to you. You have to give yourself a grace period. Luckily, I was back in Tuscaloosa for a while before classes started up again, so I feel adequately prepared for the new semester.

One of my highlights of the trip was actually running into my friend from Tuscaloosa in Florence. Not only was a bit of home in a time while I was feeling homesick, I was able to explore the city with one of my closest friends. I even got to witness her engagement to her boyfriend (now fiance). It was amazing being able to connect with the city with someone who was in the same boat as me, and I am so grateful I got to experience that with her.