Hello! My name is Dawson and this semester I am studying abroad in two locations: Kyoto and Sydney. I am currently in Sydney taking classes on Start Up Business Culture and Challenges in Global Health. These classes are both out of my comfort zone, so in addition to flying half way across the world, it is safe to say I am out of my element. Thankfully the program I am in and the people I am here with have made such a scary transition rather seamless.

Building off of that, I really think that studying abroad is an invaluable experience. It is truly an experience that cannot be replicated. The ability to live, learn, and explore in a different culture offers a truly unique opportunity for learning. I can honestly say that some of my best learning experiences in my undergraduate career have taken place not in a classroom, but in the streets of cities across the world. Last Spring semester when I was in The Netherlands that was the case, and this semester I can already see this trend is continuing. The conversations I have had with Australians in trains, bars, and beaches have been incredibly informative, and I have only been here for a few weeks! For example, talking to an Aussie on my way home from class gave me insights into the Australian government and politics that are hard to achieve from reading about it in a book or online. I can only imagine what I will see and experience over this next month.

I cannot wait to see how I continue to grow and learn from this experience, I will update you in Kyoto!