Within your comfort zone there is still a way to get out of your comfort zone. 

The end of a trip is never easy, especially when that trip was 4 weeks long in a city that you quickly made yours. In the beginning of my time in Florence I heavily relied on google maps and one could say I was the definition of a tourist, but by the end I was able to take myself around town and I quickly found a place for myself in this city. I found my favorite cafe, my favorite sandwich shop, my favorite piazza, my favorite gelato place, my favorite restaurant, and I even found my favorite grocery store. I met people who made this place feel like home. It’s hard to leave a place like this, a place that went from being completely unknown to now housing some of my favorite things in the world. One of the hardest things about leaving is the unknown. When will I be able to return back to Florence? When will I be able to see my new friends again? When will I be able to indulge in my new favorite Florence foods? But most importantly how will life be when I return to the United States? My day to day in Florence included a lot of adventure and excitement whether that was exploring a new piazzale, trying a new gelato place, or planning a weekend trip, every day was full of excitement and something new. This passion I have for exploration is not always achievable while being a full time college student since the day to day as a college student is very different than as a study abroad student; however, this trip taught me how to find the fun within each day and how to appreciate the little things. I’ve learned how to make each day an adventure even if that means taking a hot girl walk to get dinner somewhere in Tuscaloosa, renting an Ebike to explore town, or even a late night cookout run. Finding the excitement and joy in each day is something that I will take with me everyday even if the adventure isn’t as crazy as an abroad adventure. But most importantly during my study abroad I learned that even within my comfort zone there is still a way to get out of my comfort zone. Until we meet again – Florence you’re my favorite. 

My Favorite Cafe: Shake Cafe or Le Vespe Cafe

My Favorite Sandwich: Pino’s Sandwiches

My Favorite Piazza: Piazza Santa Maria Novella 

My Favorite Gelato: La Carraia 

My Favorite Restaurant: Buca Mario or Verdoliva

My Favorite Grocery Store: Pam Firenze