When returning to the Copenhagen Airport to travel home I could not help but reminisce about all of the fun I had. I made friends and memories that I won’t ever forget. I am so glad I was able to study abroad for this class, however, I was excited to return home also. I missed being able to go to a supermarket such as Walmart and get everything I needed from one store rather than take a metro to get all of my groceries. I was also ready to drive my car again. Studying abroad changed my thoughts on traveling. I was afraid of language barriers and culture differences making it difficult for me to go out. Through this trip I have learned it is not always that way and that I should not be afraid to travel abroad. I was only in Denmark for a month but the culture shock hit me the most with food. The quality of the food there was much higher especially the bread, cheese, herbs, fruit, and pasta. For future students I would recommend traveling abroad and to go explore the worked. This program has shown me that there is a lot for me to see in this world and I plan on taking a trip abroad again in the future.